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10 steps to creating a great real estate website


1. WordPress

Wordpress-logoWordPress is the best way to build a website of any kind today.  We are going to go into more detail about all of the reasons below.

  •    Open Source Standards based.  You build a site or have us build one for you, and if something happens, there are millions of other people on Earth who can continue to update and maintain your website.  
  •   It is Popular.  As one of the top web platforms, there are tons of themes, plugins, tools, and videos for WordPress.
  •   Content is King.  I know you have heard “cash is king”, but on the internet “content is king”.  You can easily add, change or even remove information on your website.


2. Genesis


We love to build websites on the Genesis Framework.  There are 1000’s of pages of information on the internet about how to modify and enhance every part of your Genesis site.  It is rock-solid and secure.  It is fast.




3. AgentPress

agentpress AgentPress is a great plug-in developed by the folks that make Genesis.  AgentPress allows you to input your own listings, or showcase listings that are important to your visitors or your market area.  You can add all of the key information like Google maps, bedrooms, bathrooms, community, and other key pieces of information about these properties.  Then they are shown on your site and you get some extra “Google Juice” or SEO benefits.  You can also include additional photos, videos or virtual tours.



4. Design


We believe that having a great design is an important part of your real estate website.  We provide custom design services.  We have some of the best designers in the world work with us in providing you an attractive website that you can be proud of.

Our “boxed” themes are also attractive and provide a flexible, quick and economical solution to getting your web presence established.




5. Mobile


We don’t really want to get bogged down in the debate about “mobile responsive” vs. “mobile apps”.  We offer both options to our clients.  We make sure that your site looks great on the desktop, the tablet, and even your phone.

We were pioneers in working with IDX Broker to provide the new mobile IDX Broker Platinum to our clients.  Let your clients find their new home anywhere they want.



6. IDX Broker


IDX Broker has become the gold standard for IDX services.  As a “Developer Partner” of IDX Broker, we can provide you with the best service.  We can quickly link your visitors to all the listings on the MLS.  Our “world-record” is just one business day to get a client site setup, from paperwork to finished product.  While we usually have a 3-5 business day time frame, we will work to quickly get IDX up and running on your site.

Because we specialize and focus on IDX Broker, we have developed some cool tools like custom map searches, tabbed searches, SEO sidebar searches, and we can tweak your IDX Broker to help you get the most bang for your buck.



7. SEO


Search Engine Optimization is something we hear about everyday in real estate.  We aren’t about paying someone in some obscure corner of the world to create a bunch of crazy links to your website from their mom’s blog about kittens.  We believe that if you provide information about your market and your community, “they will come”.

Our websites use world-class plugins that don’t try to trick Google into finding your website, but help make sure that when someone is looking for what you have to offer, they will find you!


8. Video


YouTube and Vimeo provide real estate professionals with great opportunities to produce interesting videos to entertain and educate clients.  All of our websites are setup to showcase your videos and your talents to your visitors.  It is super easy to put in a link to your YouTube video and visitors can start watching right on your website.   They love you because of what you share in your videos and they remember you when it is time to buy or sell a home.




9. Social Media


Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest right out of the box.  Your visitors can share anything they find on your website with their social networks.  We also setup some sweet sauce so that whenever you post a new article about something important in your community or about changes in the real estate trends, YOUR network will find out without your having to do anything extra.



10. Security


WordPress is considered very secure.  With regular free updates, WordPress is inherently secure for websites.  We actually like to take this security to the next level and we offer our clients premium security features including regular off-site backups and site security scans.





If you want these 10 features in your next website, contact us today.