Real Estate SEO and Pizza Restaurants are the same thing!

When I search my own real estate listings, I don’t show up on the Google Search results. Why not?

I just got a note from a client who said that an agent is searching for their listing address on Google and the Search Engine results are not showing their Remax agent site or their Brokerage site. Why not?

That is really a basic SEO issue.  Real Estate Marketing 101

The pages are there. They either are not being indexed by Google or nobody has ever looked at them.

This is a REALLY basic and common issue.

If it were that easy to rank just by setting up a real estate website with IDX, every agent would rank for their own listing by just doing that. That doesn’t happen. Many real estate agents don’t rank at all for their own listing address.

I see she has some YouTube videos.  Has anyone looked at them? Are they compelling? Interesting? Or are they just a walk through of the house or a virtual tour turned into a YouTube real estate video?

Many, many, many years ago, I worked as a marketing guy for a small chain of pizza restaurants.

If you open a pizza restaurant will you sell pizza? Not necessarily.

You have to have the right promotion, location. product, etc.

The biggest issue is that that this agent is a sweet person who thinks she has done all the right things.  Remax, remax website, office website.

That is not enough.  Does she blog about anything interesting and original? Even the local humane society?

Some agents think that spamming their listings on Facebook will get them SEO, leads, and sales.  Who looks at those? Even their Mom will just politely look at the photo and push the “like” button on it.

There are two ways to get real estate leads on the internet.

  1. Direct marketing : Google Adwords, Facebook ads, etc.
  2. Inbound content marketing: CopyBlogger, Hubspot, Blogging, etc.

The first is pretty easy.  You setup a sweet site, put IDX Broker Platinum for mobile on it. Then start buying ads.  People will come visit your site.  If you buy enough ads some of those visitors will either buy something or raise your pagerank with Google.

The second is harder. But works better.

You find a niche.

You post about your niche.  You make videos about your niche.  You love your niche.

It is like exercise.  You have to do it on a regular basis, and it isn’t that much fun sometimes, but you feel good later.

We get almost all of our business here at RealtyCandy from people who have found us in search results for “IDX  Broker Platinum for AgentPress” or stumbled on to our site.   They watch one of our humble videos on YouTube, or read a blog post or two, and decide that we might be an option. Then they call or shoot an email.

What to do to get Google Ranking for my listings address?

Ok, the biggest thing is you have to be an authority to Google, so you have to blog, you have to get visitors.  You might not ever outrank ZTR, but you can out rank for your listing.

I recommend using AgentPress to make a custom post with pictures, videos, a map, and tons of ORIGINAL and INTERESTING information about your listing.  Then put your name as the listing agent on there.

Put a rider on the sign with or whatever and have that point to your AgentPress listing. ($10 domain, $10 for rider, $10 tech guy to setup redirect, getting ranked = priceless!)

You have to do that Agentpress post BEFORE you send the listing to the MLS so that Google can find it and index your page first.

IDX listings do not get you SEO.  They are so that people have something to see when they visit your site.

Ok. So how is real estate SEO like pizza?

To sell a pizza, we brought in live bands on the weekends. The cash drawers would overflow and we would raise our baseline for sales.

Within a few weeks, delivery orders would be up.

The bands were a unique draw that brought us a lot of attention.  Ever seen a live band at Pizza Hut with 300 customers?  I didn’t think so : )

The same applies to real estate, if you want to get noticed and get your listings noticed you have to pick up your game. You have to work a little smarter and a little harder.

If you think we can help you or anyone you know, our contact info is at the bottom of the page!

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