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The Houzez Theme is a professional WordPress theme created to make real estate simple. Now it is easy to captivate your visitors and potential clients with a modern and easy to build template.

With this real estate website theme setup, you will be able to manage and maintain your own real estate marketplace, coordinate your agents, accept submissions, use IDX Broker functionalities and addons, and build a custom layout for your real estate business.

When you purchase this setup, you will need to buy the license key directly from the author on a site like ThemeForest.  Then we will set it up and also do our IDX Broker setup for you.

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Eye catching Header

Catch your visitor's attention with a big image, slider, video or map!



Property Features

Add your own listings with a complete information panel, including data such as number of bathrooms, bedrooms, square feet, garage, year and so on. You can also add a photo gallery, video and 360° virtual tour for each listing. All to make it easy for your future clients to find their dream house.

Organize Properties by City

You can make your client's search even more simple by separation the listing by city in a modern and customized grid style.

You can add Similar Properties or Nearby Places to keep visitors on your site.


Quick Agent Contact

Now you can have a custom and professional page for each agent and increase their sales! Add your agents contact info and listings and make it easier for your customers to be in touch with your office agents.

You can also stick into each listing header a Agent Contact Form and a Agent’s Sticky Sidebar so your clients will not loose time or effort to contact them!

IDX Compatibility

You can also integrate your Houzez website with IDX and use the IDX plugins without any problems.

The IDX pages and plugins will have the default layout provided by IDX developers and will need to be customized separately.

IDX Broker setup


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Houzez Theme
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Houzez Theme
IDX Broker Setup

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RealtyCandy Hosting

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Houzez Theme
IDX Broker Setup
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