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Get $ 100 for building your new real estate website!


We are so excited about our new PureIDX websites.  These are free websites that you can use as a main website, as a landing page, or even as a secondary site for your real estate website.

What do I have to do to win the $100 from Amazon?

All you need to do is have your site built by the last day of the month, and send us a link to it. 

We will post all of the sites made this month on our RealtyCandy Facebook page, and the site with the most "LIKES" on our page between the 1st and 15th of next month will win the $100 Amazon gift card.

We will see which site has the most likes and announce a winner on our Facebook page on the 16th!

It may seem a little counter-intuitive to run a promotion on a FREE website, but we really want to get as many people involved as possible.

What is JAMstack?

PureIDX is built on new technology called JAMstack.  JAMstack is Javascript, API, and Markup.  These JAMstack sites are designed to run fast, be secure, and work great on mobile devices.

If you go to Google and do a search, you can see that JAMstack is a modern approach to building better and faster websites.

Can I see a demo of a PureIDX website?

Check out this demo site or see the image below:

PureIDX sample site

Why are PureIDX sites better than WordPress?

WordPress is the gold-standard for websites. Period.  Almost 40% of all websites use WordPress.

But, we are seeing that more and more Realtors and real estate offices don't want or need all of the power and tools and complexity that comes with a WordPress website.

When you have a WordPress site, you have to have hosting and updates and security scans and all kinds of things that you don't need with a JAMstack site.

If you are going to be blogging then you will be happier with a WordPress real estate website.   If you aren't going to be blogging, but want a simple site that you can setup and add more IDX Broker pages to as time goes by, then PureIDX is for you.

What if I already have a website? Can I use this for a specialized site? or even a single property page?

If you already have a main website and want to use your PureIDX site to focus on a community, subdivision, or just the North part of town, that is great!

You can make a great second website to send your niche market to get leads.  If you work an area like "Shadow Valley" and you want to point your ShadowValleyHomes.com website to your PureIDX site, you can setup the widgets to show the newest homes in specific price points, water features, or anything else.

You can use your current IDX feed on this site.  Just be aware that IDX uses a "Primary/Secondary" system with the page wrappers and layout of your IDX.  The PureIDX site will be the "secondary" to your website.


How are PureIDX sites better than WIX, SquareSpace, Weebly or Godaddy sites?

While these websites are simpler and not as complex as a WordPress site, they are also more difficult to use and you never own the website.

Try adding an IDX Broker widget to a WIX website. 🙁

You have to build a webpage on another server, embed the widget code into it, and then put that webpage into your WIX webpage using something called an iframe.  This is not for the faint of heart!

If you have any of these sites, you don't own your site.

Try migrating your SquareSpace, Weebly, Godaddy or WIX site to your own server.  You can't.  You are stuck on their platform.

It is interesting to me that the same profession that promotes ownership vs renting, has so many "rented" websites.

When you want to move your PureIDX site to your own hosting, you just download the newest version of your website by pressing a button, and then you can move it to your hosting in about 3 minutes as we show you how to do in the video at https://realtycandy.com/pureidx.

PureIDX sites are built for IDX Broker

When we started thinking about creating PureIDX sites our objective was to make a great website that was built from the ground up to work with IDX Broker.

PureIDX sites are made to display your IDX widgets in an attractive format.  You also can use any of our IDX Broker Premium Template Designs on your PureIDX site to get a great user experience.

It takes about 1 minute to setup your IDX Broker dynamic page wrapper to your PureIDX site.  We built the code right into the site.

There has NEVER been a website as easy to use with IDX Broker as your new PureIDX website!

How hard is it to setup IDX Broker to my PureIDX site?

Not hard at all.

To setup IDX Broker, you will want to signup for IDX Broker at https://signup.idxbroker.com/d/realtycandy.

Once your IDX Broker account is active, you just login with your agent ID and your API key to https://idxaddons.com and go to https://idxaddons.com/?page=pureidx.

  1. Move the button to "Activate" your new website.
  2. Click on the "Update Page Wrapper" button

and POW!!!!

Your PureIDX site is now connected to your IDX Broker account.

Can I use my own domain name on my PureIDX site?

Sure.  PureIDX sites are designed for you quickly and easily put your domain name that you have purchased at Godaddy, Enom, or another domain name vendor, right on your website.

We also provide a free SSL certificate for you.

This allows you to get that green padlock and your site will load using "https".

This lets your users know that they are secure on your site, and Google knows you are providing a safe user experience which will help you get more Google Juice.

Do I own the PureIDX site? or does RealtyCandy own it?

You own the site.

We host it for free for you and we include an SSL certificate, for as long as you are our IDX Broker client.

If you want to move it to your own hosting, you just click on the "Download Backup" button and you will get a ZIP file that you can upload to your hosting, and unzip it.

Then your site is setup.

You will get the CSS and Javascript files that you need to for your PureIDX site to run as HTML on your web server.

It is fast and easy.

Then you just change the DNS settings on your server, and your users will see the same webpages they saw before, but now on your server.

Owning your website is really important.

How long does it take to get my PureIDX site setup?

1 business day or 1 hour.

After you get your IDX Broker account "live" and activated, you can let us know that you want us to help you with your site, and we will help you get it setup within 1 business day.

You can also just go to https://realtycandy.com/pureidx and watch the video showing how to setup your PureIDX site in less than 53 minutes and do it yourself.

What if I need some help with my PureIDX site?

We provide free email support for PureIDX websites.  You can shoot us an email and we will respond within 1 business day.

We also have a handful of YouTube videos that you can use to get ideas and guidance to make your site better.

Can I use my own developer? Can I hire RealtyCandy?

Your developer will be able to work on your PureIDX site using the web page that we provide to you.

There is place there to add custom CSS code, and even custom Javascript.  This allows you and your developer to style the page, and make all kinds of changes to get you the best site possible.

Many of the blocks on the website take HTML code, so you can modify them anyway you want.

If you would like to hire our developers to help you, please visit https://realtycandy.com/customizations and signup for our customizations.

We charge $100 per hour for our developers to do work on your site.

Get started with your new free website today!

If you are already a RealtyCandy client, just login to IDXaddons.com and setup your site today.

If you are using IDX Broker and want to be a RealtyCandy client at no charge, just contact us using the chat or on our contact page.

If you aren't using IDX Broker or RealtyCandy, go to https://signup.idxbroker.com/d/realtycandy and get signed up today!

Remember, you have until the end of the month to finish your site, and send us the link for your chance to win the $100 Amazon gift card!