Lead Generation and Real Business Leads “Eat My Own Dog Food” EMODF Day 30

We have now officially been running the Eat My Own Dog Food program for 30 days.  I have learned a few things I want to share with you. 1. It takes about 1 hour to do a blog post. No matter how fast you are, or how quickly you want to write, or how many great real estate experiences you are having, it takes about 1 hour to write a post and get the featured images. 2. It is hard to blog twice a week. It shouldn’t be, but as we get more work lined up, it has been harder to […]

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Answers to your top 7 questions about Real Estate Blogging SEO in 2012 EMODF Day 20

 #1 Where do I start with SEO for Real Estate? If you are just getting your real estate website search engine optimized, (SEO) then you are looking for some quick wins.  You need some Google-Juice to get your site ranked.  The easiest way to get these quick wins is to target long-tail keywords – these are usually phrases that are three or more words in length. Long-tail keywords don’t have as much competition because they don’t have nearly the volume of searches as head terms.  Let’s use the example “IDX” which has 227,000,000 results on google. That is 227 Million results.  I don’t know […]

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John “Mr. Williamsburg” Womeldorf and IDX Broker Platinum are Revolutionizing the Way Williamsburg VA Real Estate is Bought and Sold EMODF Day 18

IDX Broker Platinum is now in Williamsburg.  RealtyCandy would like to announce the latest addition to the growing network of real estate agents and brokers updating their websites with IDX Broker Platinum software: John Womeldorf. In offering his top rated service, Womeldorf has enlisted a customizable IDX solution to sync his website with the Williamsburg Area Association of Realtors (WAAR), allowing him to display thousands of Williamsburg, James City County, Upper York County, Yorktown and some Charles City and New Kent Counties properties conveniently and seamlessly on his website. The dynamic IDX solution he now employs gives Womeldorf and his […]

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IDX Broker Platinum enabled website allows Georgia Area Broker Sharda Jones to Maintain a Phenomenal Track Record EMODF Day 17

Sharda Jones of Georgia United Realty has teamed up with IDX Inc and RealtyCandy.com and will provide buyers and sellers in the Greater Atlanta Area with a thorough and dynamic online real estate resource. A member of the Georgia Multi Listing Service (GAMLS), Jones will have access to over 100,000 active listings for North Fulton, Forsyth, East and West Cobb, Cherokee, Douglasville, Fulton, Gwinnett and Hall County. With the IDX Broker Platinum solution potential buyers and sellers will have the same level of access to GAMLS listings that was once only reserved for agents and brokers.  This simplifies the online property search […]

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Eat my own dog food IDX Broker AgentPress WordPress

IDX Broker AgentPress and WordPress Link! EMODF Day 15

Quickly I want to share an update about how this whole “Eat My Own Dog Food” thing is going.  I got a link or back link to RealtyCandy today from IDX Broker.  On their list of IDX Broker Developer Partners at http://www.idxbroker.com/partners/partner_list.php.  About halfway down the page you can see us.  We are the only ones with the word “AgentPress” in the description. I have posted about 10 new posts and pages about AgentPress, how much we charge for services, what services we offer, and even about our packages including one for IDX Broker signups. As far as results, we have added […]

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Southern California Real Estate Agent Sean O’Neil teams up with IDX to revolutionize how his clients search for properties online

Sean O’Neil of Casa Bella Properties and RealtyCandy. have teamed up to revolutionize the way Southern California home seekers search for properties online. IDX Broker Platinum software is synced to the search page O’Neil hosts, creating a thorough and comprehensive database of California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS) homes.  O’Neil’s client can now easily and quickly experience a dynamic online real estate search without ever having to leave the convenience of his IDX enabled website. Five unique search functions have made it monumentally easier for real estate seekers to narrow and focus their search of the CRMLS database. The basic, advanced, map, address and […]

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IDX 2 Craigslist IDX Broker Platinum AgentPress WordPress

IDX Broker Platinum to Craigslist – use AgentPress for Lead Generation VIDEO: EMODF Day 12

We have tons of real estate clients who are using AgentPress on WordPress and/or IDX Broker Platinum for their real estate website.  While having a cool website for visitors to come to, and having MLS search capabilities to keep your clients engaged are both important, how do you get people to visit your site? SEO Well, we all know that organic SEO or search engine optimization is the about the best way to get people to visit your site.  Getting the organic Google juice that you need will take some time doing blog posts and generally working our Eat My […]

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IDX Broker Platinum Mobile

IDX Broker Platinum available for over 66 MLS with 400 more to come : EMODF Day 8

We are really excited about all the energy surrounding the launch of IDX Broker Platinum.  We have had a lot of folks signup to add MLS search features using IDX Broker Platinum to their WordPress or AgentPress websites in the last few weeks. We have done installs in California, Florida, Oregon, Iowa, to name a few. As of today, IDX Broker Platinum is ready and live in the following MLS service areas, so check if yours is available and signup for IDX Broker Platinum today! Austin MLS (ACTRIS) RealComp (RealComp) Arizona Regional MLS (ARMLS) Tucson MLS (TARMLS) Bay Area Real […]

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IDX Broker Platinum AgentPress New clients

New AgentPress with IDX Broker clients and other Updates Eating My Own Dog Food:: EMODF Day 5

So it is Friday and time for this week’s update. It is hard to keep track of clients, emails, phone calls, kids starting school, visiting with Realtors, fixing AgentPress and IDX Broker for clients, and keep the twitter traffic, Linkedin posts, and the RealtyCandy.com blog all going. I think that blogging is like jogging.  We all know we should be doing it, but it takes a lot of time and energy. We had a busy week finishing up IDX Broker Platinum installs for clients in Virgina, California, and Florida.  We also did some contract work on some AgentPress real estate […]

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Eat My Own Dog Food :: IDX Broker Platinum and Agent Press WordPress Real Estate EMODF Day 2

I wrote a post yesterday about “Eating My Own Dog Food” for 60 days! I was visiting with a client about what they could do to drive leads and traffic to their new AgentPress Real Estate Website on WordPress. As usual, the first thing I mentioned to them was to use IDX Broker Platinum or IDX Broker “Classic” to show all the MLS search results. This is what people want to do: Find homes on the internet. The next thing this client asked me about was how to actually get clients to land on their real estate website. How to […]

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Why pay 50-100 bucks an hour to build Real Estate WordPress Websites with IDX or fix my Suburban

I have a client who I do quite a bit of work for who decided to take things into his own hands on a new project. He wrote me a short email asking me to get a domain setup and install WordPress for him. He would take it from there. To protect the innocent we will call him John*. Here are a few emails we exchanged after the site was setup: Here is what you need to login and get started yourrealestatedomain.com/wp-admin user:john password: bogus123password. It is installed and the documentation can be found here: bogusthemeinstalldocumentation.com -James I love his […]

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