We have created a handful of plugins that add functionality to your IDX Broker account.  These tools are built to work with IDX Broker Platinum and IDX Broker Lite and the RealtyCandy Smart Site Platform.

  • Easier widget setup
  • Autocomplete search tool
  • IDX Broker search refinement
  • IDX Broker Wrapper update
  • IDX Broker city lists
  • IDX Broker property carousel
  • Several search tools
  • more on the way!

IDX Broker widget pluginOne of my favorites is the Widget tool.  We have a lot of clients who have created many IDX Broker widgets. Then when they load the IDX Broker widgets, they get literally hundreds of new widgets in their widget dashboard.  This is overwhelming.

Our new tool fixes that to make it easier for our clients.

You will be able to integrate all of your IDX Broker widgets in a way that is much easier to use and see what you have available.