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Maxima Map Map Search

Why choose this template?

Our Maxima Map Search Template brings the best features of the big portals like Zillow and to IDX Broker. We see other companies who charge $80+ per month to set up a Map Search like this on their client sites.

Included in this Template

IDXAddons Colors

Easily style your IDX Pages colors.

Use this tool

Google Maps

Change the IDX Broker map to Google Maps.
Requires a Google Maps API Key.

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See the cool features included in this template...


The Maxima Map template is responsive, compatible with Desktop, Tablets, and Smartphones.

More filter options

Maxima Map also allow your leads to filter the results by Status, Property types, Sq ft, Max days listed, Acres and Price reduced. You will also be able to filter only your Featured Listings, and sort by Newest/Oldest, Price, etc.

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Find the most common fixes, changes, and solutions for this template below, or take a look at our FAQ page for more questions. Feel free to contact us anytime on our chat icon if you don't find what you are looking for.

How do I get access to your IDX Broker Premium Templates?

To get any of our premium templates for your IDX pages, all you have to do is to make us your IDX Broker developer. This process is fast and FREE.

Just send an email to IDX Broker that says you’d like to use Realty Candy as your developer or sign up for your IDX Broker account using our sign-up form.

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How do I add/change my IDX Broker logo?

You can set the logo at under “Client Logo URL”.

Can I have Google Maps on my IDX Broker pages

Yes! We created an addon for you to be able to have Google Maps on your IDX Broker pages. To activate it you just need to go to API Keys and enter a valid Google Maps API Key. Then go to the IDX Maps to Google Maps addon and just click on Activate.


There you can also select the theme you want to use from a large variety of options:

How can I change the colors of links, buttons and other items on IDX Broker pages?

Yes! If you are a Realty Candy partner, you can easily change colors using our templates. We created the IDX Colors for this purpose, this addon will change the colors of the menus, map pins, links, and button colors on the IDX pages, as well as fix some minor styles on all IDX pages.