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IDX Speedy Widgets

Make all of your widgets using Showcase or Carousel load faster.
Faster page loading on any WordPress page with IDX widgets.


One of the problems we have seen on sites that use a lot of IDX Broker widgets like Showcase or Carousel is that the pages load REALLY slowly.

The reason for this is that IDX Broker is serving up a complete, full-sized photo of the property that has to load on the page.

Now, if you have just one or two IDX Broker listings on a page, this isn’t a big issue, but if you have 25-50 images loading on a carousel or showcase widget, then you may have a page that is 2mb or 4mb or even more that takes forever for clients to download and view.

With the new IDX Speedy Widgets plugin, your load time will be dramatically reduced.  You can see in the example below we went from about 2MB of images to about 200k of images that can be reduced in size.  The Google Page insight score jumped up 17 points.  See the example in the video below.

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