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Auto Saved Searches

Create automatic saved searches for leads.
Your leads will get email updates from IDX.
Nurture and convert more leads

We have reviewed thousands of leads information and found that most of the visitors to our clients IDX Broker pages will setup an account, or use the contact forms, but never create a saved search.

Why is a Saved Search on IDX Broker so important?

As we analyze the behavior of leads in IDXBroker accounts, we have found that about 90% of the people who signup and do NOT have a saved search, will never return to the site.

In stark contrast, about 90% of the visitors who DO setup a saved search will return to the site.

An example of how IDX Saved Searches save the day

We were looking at one client who had a lead signup about four years ago.  The lead had setup a saved search way back when.  But, that lead had visited the Realtor's website within the last week.  In fact, the lead had returned to the agent's site within 24 hours of getting that email with the property updates.

So you can see that the reach over a long time of the saved search is very powerful.

Some leads will be back on the IDX Broker pages within 10 minutes of getting their email updates.

Why use automated saved searches? Aren't "human" searches better?

You are right.  If the lead creates a saved search, or the agent creates a saved search, that is MUCH better than any IDX search we can create with programming.

We have actually setup our code to see if the lead or the agent have created a saved search, and if they have, our program won't make one.


Something is better than nothing.

If you are using this automated saved search generator, then we will review your new signups every 24 hours and make a search based on search criteria and properties viewed.

While this may not be as good as a really well crafted, handmade saved search, it will be setting up all of your leads to get some property updates.

Hopefully as time goes by and they see the properties they are getting, they will contact you and ask you to refine that search for them. You may want to use our Agents Leads IDX Add-on to do that. 🙂


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