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IDX Broker Plugins

Get even more of the IDX sweetness

Get more out of IDX Broker with IDX plugins

Get the most out of your IDX Broker real estate agent website with additional plugins.  Stay in contact with leads and clients, show more relevant listings, increase your site traffic, and convert more sales.

See how Mark at was able to use IDX plugins to move to #1 on Google over Zillow, Trulia,, and Redfin in less than 18 months.

Plugin plan pricing

Plan 1

Free activation No monthly fee

  • 3 free tools
  • For all RealtyCandy
    IDX Broker clients


Plan 2

$99 Activation $10 per month

  • Includes Plan 1
  • + 2 IDX plugins
  • We handle your IDX development

SIGNUP $10/month

Plan 3

Free Activation $29 per month

  • Includes Plan 1
  • + 4 IDX plugins
  • We handle your IDX development

SIGNUP $29/month

Plan 4

Free Activation $39 per month

  • 3 IDX plugins
  • other IDX developer

SIGNUP $39/month

Plugin plan overview

Plugin Plan Overview Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4
Activation fee Free $99 Free Free
Monthly fee Free $10 $29 $39
Setup time 1 Day 2 Days 1 Day 1 Day
Priority email support?
Choose your own IDX developer?
Additional plugins to choose from 2 4 3
Base Plan Plugins
Agent Leads WP Admin
Automatic Saved Searches
Gravity Forms to IDX tool
Additional Plugins to Choose From
TXT Alerts – new IDX leads
Mobile Leads App
Gravity Forms to IDX tool
Similar Listings for IDX
Nearby Listings for IDX
City Count Menus
IDX Facebook login
IDX Broker to MailChimp
IDX Speedy Widgets
Signup Today Signup Today Signup Today Signup Today

FSBO Supplemental Listings

Use Gravity Forms to load properties for FSBO, commercial, or pocket listings. Control who has access to the form or the page using WordPress.


Nearby Listings

See other homes in the area on the details pages.  Easy to setup, keeps visitors looking at properties on your site.


Facebook & Social Logins for IDX

Login and create users with Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.  Track your Facebook ads better.


IDX Broker Similar Listings

Keep clients engaged. Show 3-5 properties in the sidebar like the one your visitor is viewing. Help them find what they are looking for.


Community Stats Data Graphs -ONLY LOGGED IN USERS

Show the statistics and data about a community or area in a beautiful, engaging format to all your clients. Show them you know your stuff.


Gravity Forms to IDX

Gravity Forms is the best forms software for WordPress. Now send your leads easily to your IDX Broker account. Gravity Forms included in Plan 1.


IDX Broker DRIP Email Campaigns

Bring IDX leads into DRIP email campaigns and run it all with the WordPress admin panel. Follow-up with leads easily.


Featured Agents for IDX Broker Plugin

Agent photo and contact information in the top sidebar on IDX pages gives your clients a friendly face to go with each agent’s listing.


SMS Text Alerts

Find out as soon as a client signs up on your IDX Broker account. Contact leads while they are still warm and let them you will take care of them quickly.


Mobile Lead Tracking

Contact and manage your leads from our mobile app. Email, TXT or call your IDX leads and see the properties they are looking at.


Agent Leads

Manage all of your IDX Broker leads from WordPress. See which leads are getting follow ups and which agents are nurturing their leads.


Auto Saved Searches

Nurture and convert more leads. Create automatic saved searches for leads and send email updates from IDX. 


IDX Broker to MailChimp

Push all of your IDX Broker leads to your MailChimp account for DRIP email campaigns.


IDX Speedy Widgets

Make all of your widgets using Showcase or Carousel load faster. Faster page loading on any WordPress page with IDX widgets.


City Count Menus

Show available properties and links for cities or communities.


Premium IDX Plugins

Seller Leads

If you have seen Listings2Leads, you will love this IDX plugin to turn Facebook or Google Ads into Seller Leads using IDX Broker and IDX plugins.


Excellent Agent Pages

You have agents who want IDX Broker listings, search tools and more on their agent pages. Point a domain and you quickly have an agent website.


Get signed up for the BETA today!

Start enjoying the benefits of Smart Site tools on your existing real estate site today!

#1 Question we are asked: Do I need to have a RealtyCandy website to use the IDX plugins?
ANSWER: NO.  These work on any WordPress website.  (Some will even work on sites that are not WordPress)

Do you use RealtyCandy as your IDXBroker Developer?

Yes ($29 per month)

Yes ($290 per year – save 20%)

No ($39 per month)

No ($390 per year – save 20%)

Disclaimer: This is BETA stuff that we are still testing and changing.  It is not perfect.  It will probably take the rest of the year to get all of the features added in that we want and to get all of the kinks out of the system.  Sometimes we install one of our apps on a site and it doesn’t work right on that site, and we have to go back and re-code our tools a little to make it work.

This is all part of BETA software.  If you are comfortable with this, let’s do it.  If you really need a polished, finished product, our IDX plugin tools won’t be a good match for you until the end of the year.

If you want to use RealtyCandy as your developer just shoot an email to that says: ” I would like to use RealtyCandy as my developer.” It is fast, free, and easy.

Annual IDX Plugins

IDX Saved Searches Generator

Put in a group of cities, subdivisions, features or prices and let this sweet tool generate hundreds of IDX Broker saved links in just minutes for you. Save time and money, get more traffic. This is for one domain or API key.

$99 annually

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