IDX Broker Platinum Mobile: Real Estate Sites Reap Rewards

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IDX Broker Platinum MobileIDX Broker Platinum mobile allows you to develop a mobile friendly real estate site.  This ensures that your visitors have quick and easy access to the information that they want.  This according to Google is what 61% or two thirds of all consumers have reported.

If your real estate listings can’t be accessed with a mobile device like an iPad or an Android tablet, chances are that you are missing out on potential clients.

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IDX Broker Platinum Mobile Friendly: Reap the Rewards

In a Google survey of 1,000 US Smartphone internet users conducted jointly by Sterling Research and SmithGreiger back in July, it was found that 96% have come across sites that were not mobile friendly. An example of this would be a real estate site with unreadable listings that were shrunk to fit a smaller screen.  This single issue makes a compelling case for use a IDX Broker Platinum Mobile solution.

Furthermore, 50% of those surveyed have said that despite liking a business if their site is not mobile friendly that business would be used less and less.  This is supported by the 74% of respondents who indicated that a mobile friendly site would lead to them returning to the site.  The same is true for potential clients looking for a reliable real estate agent or property broker.

We just setup a nice IDX Broker Platinum Mobile site  for a client in Las Vegas at  Take a look at the property search with your iPad or other mobile device.

Why is a solution like IDX Broker Platinum Mobile important to your clients?

As such, Google has concluded that the best way to attract mobile customers is by having a mobile friendly site that offers a great experience thereby encouraging users to make a purchase.  For the real estate market, IDX Broker Platinum mobile makes this whole process very easy with WordPress.

Back in February, DudaMobile reported that on average nearly 20% of all visits to small business sites saw immediate calls to the business with the click-to-call feature.  Some businesses such as pizzerias and car washes had a high percentage of immediate calls with 32% and 27.8% respectively.   Most importantly however, it was found that having a mobile friendly site was not enough.  To capture the call, businesses had to keep the phone number above the fold and within eye shot.

A non-mobile friendly site will cost more than you think

Derived from this study, Google has been able to conclude that many businesses ruin their own reputation by having non-mobile sites.  This was affirmed by 36% of the survey’s respondents indicating they felt their time was wasted after visiting one of those sites.  It was also found that 52% of the respondents felt less likely to engage a company with a non-mobile site.  Real estate agents with WordPress sites that have IDX Broker Platinum Mobile find higher engagement rates than agents with old iframe framed solutions.

An important fact to note is that approximately half of the respondents feel that a poorly working mobile site signals that the mobile user’s business is not important to you.  As the world becomes more technologically inclined and more mobile, the demand for mobile friendly sites will continue to increase.  Your clients are looking for a MLS search solution like IDX Broker Platinum Mobile to use on their smartphones, tablets and other devices like iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

IDX Broker Platinum Mobile

At RealtyCandy, we are experts in the area of IDX websites.  We only build real estate WordPress websites and specialise in AgentPress and IDX Broker Platinum Mobile.  It is our aim to keep you ahead of the game and ensure your clients have easy access to you while on the move.

To get IDX Broker Platinum Mobile for your existing WordPress or AgentPress real estate website, just click on our IDX Broker Platinum setup page. We can have the paperwork from your MLS turned in, and your new IDX Broker Platinum Mobile service setup on your site within 5 business days.

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