Google Map Search Widget

Get to know our new Google Map Search Widget This IDX Add-on helps you add your own Google map to your website. The new Google Map Search Widget allows users to search properties based on the map coordinates, so leads will be able to easily find what they’re looking for within your listings. With this widget, IDX Broker users can now have a fully-functional search, that includes a map and specifies the default listings shown, on non-IDX pages. It’s also incredibly user friendly, updating the listings shown from the default settings as the map is moved by the user. How […]

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Social IDX helps you get the most out of IDX Broker

Social IDX

We have a lot of people who are really excited about our Maxima Map Search tool that makes IDX Broker work a lot like Zillow and the other big portal sites.  This is a free tool for all our IDX Broker clients and if you don’t have it, please contact us today to get it setup for you. Introducing Social IDX for IDX Broker We have had a lot of IDX Broker clients ask us about something that would show the most Popular Listings on their IDX feed.  We also have had a lot of clients want something like our […]

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IDX searches on Facebook

Facebook Search for IDX Broker

It is staggering to see the number of hours people spend each week on Facebook.  Television networks are getting concerned about falling ratings, but here is a great way you can capitalize on this trend to build your real estate business into a high-performance real estate business. Show your listings on Facebook You may have already connected your Facebook page to your IDX Broker “Featured Listings” page.  If you haven’t take a look at this quick video to get that setup in just a few minutes: You will just need to be logged in to your IDX Broker dashboard and […]

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Facebook Search

Facebook Search $36.00 Use Gravity Forms to load properties for FSBO, commercial, or pocket listings. Control who has access to the form or the page using WordPress. BUY NOW Description You have pocket listings to show the world? When you have a great client give you a listing that they want you to sell as a pocket listing, you need a place to quickly load all of the information without needing to build a whole new page on your website.  Get that listing loaded and a link over to your seller in just a few minutes.  You can also display these […]

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IDX Broker WordPress city count plugin

City Count Menus

City Count Menus $36.00 Show available properties and links for cities or communities BUY NOW Description Show your real estate website visitors all of the current stats about your market. Just install the plugin, create a menu and load the widget.  You will be able to quickly add these attractive menus to show how many listings are active in a city, community, or any area in a IDX Broker saved search. Have this up an running in just a few minutes.  Your site will be more attractive and engaging for your visitors. BUY NOW Category: Smart Site Apps Extension Details: Version: 1.0.1 […]

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WordPress IDX Broker speedy widgets plugin

IDX Speedy Widgets

IDX Speedy Widgets $36.00 Make all of your widgets using Showcase or Carousel load faster. Faster page loading on any WordPress page with IDX widgets. BUY NOW Description One of the problems we have seen on sites that use a lot of IDX Broker widgets like Showcase or Carousel is that the pages load REALLY slowly. The reason for this is that IDX Broker is serving up a complete, full-sized photo of the property that has to load on the page. Now, if you have just one or two IDX Broker listings on a page, this isn’t a big issue, […]

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Wordpress IDX Broker MailChimp plugin

IDX Broker to MailChimp

IDX Broker to MailChimp $36.00 Push all of your IDX Broker leads to your MailChimp account for DRIP email campaigns. BUY NOW Description Push all of your IDX Broker leads to your MailChimp account for DRIP email campaigns IDX Broker is a great tool for engaging visitors on your website and converting them to leads. Nurture those leads with your existing MailChimp account. With the IDX Broker MailChimp plugin, you can quickly route all of your IDX leads to any of your MailChimp lists. This IDX Add-on is super easy to setup and will help you really nurture your leads into […]

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Auto Saved Searches

Auto Saved Searches $36.00 Nurture and convert more leads. Create automatic saved searches for leads and send email updates from IDX. BUY NOW Description Create automatic saved searches for leads. Your leads will get email updates from IDX. An example of how IDX Saved Searches save the day We were looking at one client who had a lead signup about four years ago.  The lead had setup a saved search way back when.  But, that lead had visited the Realtor’s website within the last week.  In fact, the lead had returned to the agent’s site within 24 hours of getting that […]

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IDX Broker Wordpress agent leads plugin

Agent Leads

Agent Leads $36.00 Manage all of your IDX Broker leads from WordPress. See which leads are getting follow ups and which agents are nurturing their leads. BUY NOW Description With the Agents Leads IDX Add-on, you can: see all of your new leads update the contact information for your leads add saved properties for your leads create, delete, and edit saved searches for leads assign leads to your office agents provide a login for each agent to manage their own leads As you can see this feature really helps you manage your leads in a easy, simple way. Manage all […]

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WordPress IDX Broker mobile lead tracking

Mobile Lead Tracking

Mobile Lead Tracking $36.00 Contact and manage your leads from our mobile app. Email, TXT or call your IDX leads and see the properties they are looking at. BUY NOW Description Just fill out the form below get signed up today and for the code snippet to setup TXT alerts.  We will be giving this for a free trial for 3 months and get some feedback. If you are an IDX Developer Partner and want a white-label version of this for your clients for just $100 per month, check the DEV box on the form and we will get you some […]

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WordPress IDX Broker SMS text alert plugin

SMS Text Alerts

SMS Text Alerts $36.00 Find out as soon as a client signs up on your IDX Broker account. Contact leads while they are still warm and let them you will take care of them quickly. BUY NOW Description Get an alert anytime a visitor on your site signs up to get more information on a property by sending you a text message with your lead’s name, email, what property they are interested in and other helpful information. You also get a text alert when a returning visitor comes back to the site. This is a great benefit for you as […]

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IDX Broker WordPress featured agent plugin

Featured Agents for IDX Broker Plugin

Featured Agents for IDX Broker Plugin $36.00 The Featured Agent Plugin gives you site the same look as the Zillow Featured Agent. Get more leads for your agents today! BUY NOW Description Get all of your Realtors in your brokerage some time on the sidebar of your IDX Broker pages. Showcase each agent in your office on their own listings with our Featured Agents for IDX Broker plugin. You can get the functionality of Zillow Agents on your own website today. You can see this in action at Go to the Featured Listings page from the top menu. BUY […]

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