IDX Broker AgentPress and WordPress Link! EMODF Day 15

Eat my own dog food IDX Broker AgentPress WordPress

Eat my own dog food IDX Broker AgentPress WordPressQuickly I want to share an update about how this whole “Eat My Own Dog Food” thing is going.  I got a link or back link to RealtyCandy today from IDX Broker.  On their list of IDX Broker Developer Partners at  About halfway down the page you can see us.  We are the only ones with the word “AgentPress” in the description.

I have posted about 10 new posts and pages about AgentPress, how much we charge for services, what services we offer, and even about our packages including one for IDX Broker signups.

As far as results, we have added about 80% more Twitter followers for @realtycandy.  Which is only about 4 followers 🙂 but we are heading in the right direction.  We have increased our weekly page views here at the first week by 24.8% and then last week we were up by a mere 2.4%.

We are getting 5 of the first 10 spots on google for “IDX Broker Platinum” and 7 out of 10 on the second page of results.  So we have 12 out of the top 20 spots on Google.

We have a video on Vimeo at and the same video at YouTube .

We have gotten a number of new clients for both IDX Broker Platinum and also for a some nice AgentPress installs.


So for the evaluation, we have been on this program for about 15 out of 60 days.  We are 25% of the way done.   We have been busy and learned a few new things about billing practices and keeping our clients happy.  I am even more convinced than I was 15 days ago that this is the best way to build a business.  Click here and pay with a like, follow or whatever, and get our sweet little PDF with the 10 tips you need to build your online real estate business.



I just watched a webinar today about YouTube and video content.  I have an idea about making a series of IDX Broker Platinum configuration videos so that folks can see how it is done.  These will be short 2-3 minute videos that show how agents and brokers can set up IDX Broker for their personal brand or for a whole office.

We are also working on a couple of new things that we will be releasing in the near future to help build your real estate business.

Checkout IDX Broker Platinum today by visiting and get your IDX in Vancouver, Toronto, or anywhere in the USA for just $39.99 per month!

Signup for your AgentPress & IDX Broker Platinum site today for just $495

We setup all the tools, you just signup here.


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