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What will I get
if I sign up for IDX Addons?

Premium IDX Templates

Get our suite of Premium IDX Templates for free.  You will get great designs.

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Our SimplyIDX theme

A WordPress theme that is 100% compatible with IDX Broker and has the Beaver Builder Pro page builder.

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Addon Tools

Tools to make your website faster, engage with your leads, advertize your featured listings, and more!

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check our Free IDX Addons

This is a list with all our IDX Addons Apps, feel free to ask us anything you might not understand in the live chat below or by email on our contact us page.

Auto Saved Search

This tool will use an algorithm to analyze what your visitors were looking at and create saved searches with email alerts for new listings. Learn more about this tool here.

Custom Forms

With this widget you'll receive an email with the submitted data of registered leads, so you can verify and update it in IDX Broker and get in touch.

Daily Returning Visitors

You can receive an email (sent daily) listing all of the new and returning visitors of the day at once.

Fallback Widget

This widget comes into play when there is nothing to show for the main widget. Its purpose is to reduce the amount of blank space that a visitor see.

Featured Listings

If an agent doesn't have any featured or supplemental listings, you can use this add-on to show a saved link that you select instead of the page showing 'No Results'.

Saved Link to Widget

With this add-on, you don't have to make the saved link AND a widget. You can just make the saved link and use it, then quickly add the widget to a page on your site.

Saved Link Creator

Create saved searches for more SEO from your IDX Broker pages.  Subdivisions, Communities, School Districts.  These are all done in seconds instead of hours. Learn more about this tool here.

IDX to Mailchimp

Using this addon will export your leads from IDX to Mailchimp, making it easier to access those leads from both IDX and Mailchimp.

Google Map Search Widget

This will allow users to search properties based on the map coordinates and they will be able to easily find what they're looking for within your listings. Check for more details on this tool here.

OmniSearch Generator

If you want to add an omnisearch tool to your WIX, SquareSpace, Weebly, or other sites, this is the perfect tool. You quickly copy/paste this code snippet on your site and you are off to the races with IDX Broker. Check more about this tool here.

Seller Leads

With this tool, your clients will be able to look up any location in the US and if they find their home value, they'll be asked to enter their info to access the area's map, an estimated home value, comparable sales, and historical estimates for the address.

Shared Searches

Import / Export IDX Broker Leads. If you use MailChimp, Infusionsoft, or any other CRM tool, you may have leads that you need to import to IDX Broker or export to your CRM.  Use our super-simple tool to make this as painless as possible.

Social Media Image Creator

Generate Featured Listings images for your social networks. You can quickly and easily create and beautiful banner like this with automatic listing and agent information. This tool is compatible with Facebook and Instagram image sizes.

Speedy IDX Widgets

Make your WordPress site blazing-fast by using Speedy IDX Widgets. Your IDX Broker widgets will load super fast and will be speed optimized to get you a higher score from Google Page Insights. Learn more about this tool here.

Text Alerts - Leads

Send daily or hourly text alerts to your leads when a property price has changed or a new property is available in their Saved Searches.

Text Alerts

Text Alerts is a great tool that allows you to receive a text every time a visitor registers or a visitor who's made an account returns, to let you know the last page they were viewing on your site.

WordPress Free Simply IDX
Real Estate Theme

Simply idx real estate wordpress theme
  • IDX Broker optimized
  • Fast - Google will love how fast your site loads
  • Designed for Beaver Builder, the easy WordPress page builder
  • We have a complete download file that you can use to start a site from scratch in just minutes.

Download the SimplyIDX WordPress theme from today!

(You will need your IDX Broker API key to login)

Premium IDX Broker
Plugins for WordPress

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