Google Juice for Real Estate Websites with IDX Broker Platinum and WordPress EMODF Day 50

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IDX Broker Platinum for 50 days

IDX Broker Platinum and 50 days of eating my own “dog food”.  This blogging is actually kind of fun, but it is hard to find time during a busy day to post.  So here I am at 11:02 p.m.  I just finished changing some CSS code on a real estate website for a client in Florida, setting up IDX Broker Platinum for another client in Las Vegas, and working on a third IDX Broker Platinum integration in Texas.   Everyone else in the house is asleep, and I should be too!

I have spoken on the phone with scores of Realtors from all over the United States and Canada over the last few months.  I’ll bet I have put eyeballs on more real estate wordpress sites than almost anyone else in the country.  It has been a lot of fun.

The best part is that our work load has improved.  I have been able to get better clients, and work on better projects.  I have been working on getting into the space of specializing in IDX Broker integrations to WordPress sites and specifically AgentPress sites.

I just want to share our latest monthly stats and show what has happened to RealtyCandy since we started our site.

Stats for IDX Broker Platinum AgentPress WordPress Websites


You can see that our page views increased by about 20% during the month of September.  Google Analytics say that we increased unique visitors by 28.84% in the last 30 days.   Now if we can just do that a few months in a row.

IDX Broker Platinum or Dog Food?

I think it is funny that we rank the highest for IDX Broker, IDX Broker Platinum, and “Dog Food”.  I guess I need to quit using the phrase “Eat my own dog food” after this test is over.

I am even more convinced that when real estate professionals use inbound marketing, we write real estate blog posts that include keywords for our real estate business, and we market to a specific real estate niche, we are rewarded by Google and the SEO monkeys!

Shoot me a comment in the box below if you can use more traffic on your real estate website, if you want us to get your IDX Broker Platinum install all tricked out, or if you just need a new website using one of our cool IDX Broker Platinum – happy themes.

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