Do you have time to run your real estate business right?

Time for Realtor websites real estate agentpress idx broker demo install

Time for Realtor websites real estate agentpress idx broker demo installOne of the things I learned while working as a full time Realtor is that there aren’t enough hours in the day for any agent or broker to do everything.

By the time I got to our real estate office and said “hi” as I climbed the stairs to my office, returned calls, returned emails, called loan officers, title companies, inspectors, clients, and scheduled appointments, whew… it was time for lunch.

After lunch, I was supposed to look over expired listings, do my mailouts, order signs, get a CMA ready for a listing, and print out all the properties I was going to show in the evening.

Then in between the cracks, I was supposed to develop my real estate websites, my social media presence, and develop relationships with clients.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t do everything.  I got to the point where I had to hire a personal assistant just to stay current.   About this time, my wife and I decided to make a life-changing move to another part of the country.

I realized that really nobody can do the internet, website, finding work, and keep up with the relationship/selling work.

In a previous life I owned a high-tech business and I realized that I wanted to work with real estate agents providing tech services.  We launched  RealtyCandy providing quick, high quality, real estate websites at great prices.

We have worked on both sides of the fence, so we understand your challenges.

Recently, I spoke with a friend and neighbor who is a Realtor in our local market.  He told me that he was working on a WordPress site for his real estate business.  He asked me to check it out.  He and his wife were working on it.  They had already invested months and many, many hours.

bad website geocities agentpress

His site looked like it had been made about 10 years ago with GeoCities.  Now, my point isn’t to criticize, but I had a couple of thoughts:

  1. If we charge $195 to setup a site that is setup for SEO, Facebook, Twitter, AgentPress and more, and he is going to invest 100 hours to make something that isn’t even good, how much is his time worth?
  2. If we, as real estate agents, are always telling FSBOS and even buyers that they should use a licensed real estate professional to transact real estate purchases, why do we want to build our own websites?
I told another friend who was asking about our services that I have spent years doing website development with PHP, HTML, CSS, Apache, MySQL, Linux and all kinds of acronyms.
I personally invested about 6 months developing the infrastructure, purchasing all the tools, and selecting plugins, themes, and IDX vendors for our customers.
We have invested thousands of dollars to bring everything together to quickly, efficiently, and effectively provide a world-class service to our clients.
The purpose of all this is to allow you to spend ALL of your time taking care of your clients, facilitating deals, and marketing properties!
You want someone to make the website work for you and drive traffic to you.  Check out this post!
We are really excited about providing coaching, website design and development, and even social media support for our clients.

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