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IDX for Ontario Alberta & British Columbia Canada with MLXchange

Over the last few days, I have been approached by several folks about setting up search IDX services in Canada, especially in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia Canada. There are some issues with IDX services in certain areas.  Even IDX broker doesn’t provide services in most of these areas.  We have seen some IDX companies who do provide services. If you are an agent or broker who wants to have IDX integrated into your Realtor website, you might like what we have done. AgentPress looks nice with the MLXchange integration. We have just setup a demo here showing an example of […]

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stats april agentpress idx broker

Are you driving traffic to your real estate website?

I was working with a client recently who was getting one of our new-fangled AgentPress and IDX broker websites.  As I began asking him about how many visitors he got each day, week or month.  He had purchased a site with another supplier to the real estate industry. I was shocked when he told me that he had no idea.  He didn’t have any statistics or information about how many visitors he had.  He felt like he had gotten business from the site, but he didn’t know how much. One of the things we are little fanatical about is stats. […]

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Time for Realtor websites real estate agentpress idx broker demo install

Do you have time to run your real estate business right?

One of the things I learned while working as a full time Realtor is that there aren’t enough hours in the day for any agent or broker to do everything. By the time I got to our real estate office and said “hi” as I climbed the stairs to my office, returned calls, returned emails, called loan officers, title companies, inspectors, clients, and scheduled appointments, whew… it was time for lunch. After lunch, I was supposed to look over expired listings, do my mailouts, order signs, get a CMA ready for a listing, and print out all the properties I […]

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Tutorial :: AgentPress Video Embedding in 3 minutes

We wrote up a nice post about IDXbroker service areas in Florida the other day.   And a number of the folks who visited our site were looking to get one of our AgentPress sites with IDX broker integration.  One of the questions that came up, is “How do I add embeded video of my listing to AgentPress”? So we decided to make a little tutorial showing how easy it is to get one of our AgentPress preinstalled sites which look just like the demo. Of course if you have your own hosted AgentPress real estate website, you would follow the […]

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AgentPress Premium Real Estate Theme Wordpress

AgentPress :: Get AgentPress with IDXbroker installed same day!

One of the most popular themes for real estate websites is the famous AgentPress theme.  As most of you know, a new version (AgentPress 2) was just recently released. AgentPress has all the tools that savvy real estate agents who understand the industry, like you, build a better business website with its intuitive functionality, intuitive use, easy functionality, and beautiful listings with AgentPress and IDXbroker integration.  If you are an independent broker and want to showcase your own listings in a smart attractive way, AgentPress has a built in search for smart display of your listings. Rise above the market […]

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