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New AgentPress with IDX Broker clients and other Updates Eating My Own Dog Food:: EMODF Day 5

So it is Friday and time for this week’s update. It is hard to keep track of clients, emails, phone calls, kids starting school, visiting with Realtors, fixing AgentPress and IDX Broker for clients, and keep the twitter traffic, Linkedin posts, and the blog all going. I think that blogging is like jogging.  We all know we should be doing it, but it takes a lot of time and energy. We had a busy week finishing up IDX Broker Platinum installs for clients in Virgina, California, and Florida.  We also did some contract work on some AgentPress real estate […]

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IDX Broker Platinum Mobile

IDX Broker Platinum – Blogging for Real Estate, Does It Really Work? ::EMODF Day 1

I just met with a new prospective client last week before my trip to Havasupai near the Grand Canyon (photos and stories coming soon!). My client wanted me to do some work for him to get build up traffic on a brokerage website and drive real estate related traffic, and ultimately capture leads for his agents.  His original idea was for me to get some IDX Broker landing pages setup with the new IDX Broker Platinum and use this to drive leads to his Realtors. As I was there telling him about the Mobile-ready features with HTML5 and lead capture […]

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Why pay 50-100 bucks an hour to build Real Estate WordPress Websites with IDX or fix my Suburban

I have a client who I do quite a bit of work for who decided to take things into his own hands on a new project. He wrote me a short email asking me to get a domain setup and install WordPress for him. He would take it from there. To protect the innocent we will call him John*. Here are a few emails we exchanged after the site was setup: Here is what you need to login and get started user:john password: bogus123password. It is installed and the documentation can be found here: -James I love his […]

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idx broker platinum agentpress

IDX Broker Platinum Demo Pages – Signup Form

IDX Broker Platinum has been released! We have a simple demo up and running. I still have some work to do on the CSS to make the images and pricing show up correctly. IDX Broker Platinum search results page IDX Broker Platinum single property page The sweet thing about IDX broker Platinum is that it is mobile responsive. When I loaded the demo pages on my iPad or my iPhone, they look great. The search tools are great. So when your buyer or seller clients are doing searches to check the market, they will have a very professional experience on […]

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Mobile WordPress Real Estate IDXbroker on iPad

IDX Broker Platinum Release with New Features

Some of you have heard through the grapevine that IDX broker Platinum is to be released on May 4th.  This is a new IDXbroker upgrade that will bring a ton of new features to your real estate website. As a Developer Partner of IDX broker.  We have been involved in the beta testing and we are very excited about this. While  development costs have been significant, we will ignore those costs and simply offer IDX Broker Platinum at the same amazing price of $39.99 a month! New features and details will be posted to on May 4th. A few […]

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