Become a leader in your market with MarketLeads theme

WordPress real estate theme with IDX data and graphsWhen we were at the IDX Broker Developer conference, we got some very positive feedback when we showed the MarketLeads theme we were working on.

This theme, like all of our real estate WordPress themes is built to be mobile responsive, load quickly, be easy to setup, and use IDX Broker.  This is built on the Equity framework so you will benefit from all of the new tools and features IDX Broker adds to Equity for years.

Neighborhood data for IDX Broker

The best thing about the MarketLeads theme is the graphs that quickly show interesting information to your visitors about the community or property type.  We pull this data automatically from the IDX Broker feed, so you get fresh data without paying extra for a data feed.  Your visitors will love these attention-grabbing graphs, and will recognize you as a great source of information about the market area they are interested in.

Another visually exciting part of the theme is the statistics we added to the side of the graph.  These statistics help your visitors and customers get a pulse for the real estate market pricing and availability in their desired areas.  This information will establish you as a source for clear, understandable information about the community, city, subdivision, building, or even property feature they are looking to buy or sell.

When visitors come to a real estate website, most of them want to search.  You can click on the “menu” icon next to the search tool to see a beautiful pull-down search menu which allows your clients to quickly and easily find exactly the properties they need.
Advanced IDX Broker search
As with all of our other Elite Smart Site designs, we include a custom IDX Broker setup for your MarketLeads theme.  This attractive design is sure to please your buyers and sellers and encourage them to spend hours on your real estate website searching through all of the homes available on IDX Broker.

Take a look at the demo by visiting or click here to purchase this design for your new real estate website.

Market Leads IDX Broker graphs