AgentPress Mobile Responsive – VIDEO!

agentpress mobile responsive

We have had a TON of interest in a AgentPress theme mobile responsive add-on.

Click here to get AgentPress Mobile Responsive

There are many real estate agents out there who bought the StudioPress AgentPress theme, installed it to their site, and then made a bunch of modifications to it.  Then they setup IDX Broker Platinum or another IDX solution, and thought they would have a mobile responsive website.

It didn’t work out like they expected.  AgentPress is not mobile responsive out of the box.

So we have created the code in the form of an add-on that will make your site mobile responsive.

Check out the demo AgentPress Mobile Responsive site here.

Click here to get AgentPress Mobile Responsive

If you have a site that you have changed around, the code will generally work.  If you have done some serious modifications and you aren’t sure, just shoot us an email and we will let you know.

With a 1-2 business day turn around on this install, you can have your AgentPress mobile responsive site up and running lickety-split!


You can check out the demo AgentPress Mobile Responsive site here.  Be sure to take a peek with your iPhone, iPad or Android device to see how it looks.