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Enjoy all the benefits of AgentPress Built on Genesis

AgentPress theme allows you to showcase all of your properties and still be able to tie in all the MLS search goodies from IDX Broker.  We do a lot of AgentPress and IDX Broker work.  In fact just Google “AgentPress IDX Broker Platinum” and click on one of our pages.

We are adding a whole bunch of new tools to allow our clients to get the most out of using the AgentPress theme with IDX Broker.

AgentPress Mobile Responsive

This is a big one.  AgentPress theme is not Mobile Responsive, but we have written the code to make it mobile responsive so that it looks sharp on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device.

We sell this service as a premium add-on for our clients.  If you have an existing AgentPress site, and you have been searching all over the internet about how to make AgentPress theme mobile responsive or how to make AgentPress theme mobile ready and you haven’t found a solution, shoot us an email or give us a phone call.  We can usually get your site done within one to two business days.

Click here to get AgentPress Mobile Responsive installed to your site for $249!

Click here to get the files to install your self to make your AgentPress mobile responsive for $49!

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